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Whether your business is online, offline or a combination of the two, it is essential you build a quality email list. Think of it like this.

Imagine the Royal Albert Hall in London with all the seats empty. Your goal is to fill all of those seats with people interested in your products and services.

One of the best ways you can do this is by building a strong email list.

But a word of caution…

Many entrepreneurs do this badly. Why?

Because they don’t develop something that is rich in substance to entice people to sign up to their email list (in other words take a seat in their audience), AND they do not nurture their email list and manage the technical requirements to ensure the email system works well.

What We Do For You...

We take a lot of the headaches away from you. Specifically we help you by:-

Free Giveaway Set-Up

Working with you to develop a high quality, high substance online giveaway that will motivate people to sign up to your list. This is where most people fail badly. We therefore help to ensure your online giveaway is fresh, unique and something that is likely to trigger a motivation in your ideal client to sign up.

Automate Your Emails

Supporting you to automate your emails for the first three months. Here we guide you to write a number of emails that are rich in content and will help encourage your audience to firstly stay subscribed to your list, secondly build a strong relationship with your subscribers and finally use relationship based sales techniques designed to motivate your list to buy your products or book sessions with you.

Deal With All The Techie Bits

We offer comprehensive technical support and can also offer you an optional monthly retained cost effective service that will ensure your email system works technically sound. Often it is the technical elements that entrepreneurs struggle with. We take all of that worry away from you.

Bonus – you also get for free our Email Marketing Monetisation course (Sells for £50.00)

Your Investment...

We offer a highly competitive service. The standard fee is £595 plus optional £20 per month ongoing technical support. Extra fees include additional email management following the initial three months automation included in the standard package.

Any Email Service software (i.e. Aweber) is not included in the above. Prices for Aweber start at $19 per month.

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What would you do if your site was hacked?

Do you backup your WordPress website (Your hosting company doesn’t!)?

Do you remember to keep up to date with new versions of WordPress?

Do you have time to upgrade/update all your plugins?

Do you ever wish you could restore your site to an earlier version?

Would you like your website monitored for any security issues 24×7…and all issues resolved?

Do you wish someone could take care of all this for you?

If so, you’re not alone. Introducing….

The MYT Backup, Update and Security Monitoring Service

The MYT Backup Update and Security Monitoring Service, is a service that keeps regular backups of your WordPress powered websites, keeps WordPress, plugins and themes up to date, monitors your site for any security issues 24×7 and provides the opportunity to restore your sites to an earlier version if there are any problems. With no hassle for you, just set up and forget!

Your Investment...

Just £25 per month.

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Your Investment...

Costs vary depending upon your requirements…

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A well designed functioning website is a key need for many entrepreneurs. We are fortunate to work with one of the finest creative designers in the business and offer a full talented technical service that includes:-

Custom Design

A creatively designed website that speaks to your ideal client/s.

Coaching Session

A 1-1 tailored coaching session to help guide you to write effective copy for your website so that you are able to market your products and services slickly.

Technical Support

Full technical support to launch your website and provide technical support via our hosting partners.

Full Branding

Branding recommendations so that your website aligns to the personality of the business you wish to promote.

Blogging & SEO

Our guide ‘Blogging Strategies For Strong SEO’ to help you write future content for your website to ensure it ranks high on Google.


We write the sales page copy with you. We design and build the sales page. We do all the technical side of things so your website visitors can purchase and automatically received their digital downloads.

Your Investment...

Costs vary depending upon your requirements…

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Steve Miller

With a background in sales and HR Steve worked for a number of organisations and his experience included working at boardroom level. Around ten years ago Steve decided to leave corporate life to set up his own training and consulting business. Soon after this he attained a number of book publishing deals in the self-help genre.

Due to Steve’s strong TV persona he was then signed by Sky 1 to present the hit TV show ‘Fat Families’. Shortly after he was asked to present a TV show in Holland, and later returned back to the UK to run his weight loss business. As an entrepreneur Steve became interested in e-commerce and worked closely with Andrew Rondeau to develop a range of online products so that he could earn whilst he slept.

Having recognised his natural talent to drive passive income, Steve worked with Andrew and the two formed a business partnership. Steve soon became recognised for his creative abilities in supporting others to monetise their talent, so he offered his service along with Andrew to a niche sector, that being coaching professionals and hypnotherapists.

Steve is now managing partner of ‘Monetise Your Talent’ where he focuses his efforts into helping clients design, develop and market their products online. Steve himself now earns five figures each month driving his online product portfolio and is passionate about supporting others to find and monetise their talent.


Andrew Rondeau

The first 30 years of Andrew’s career was in the corporate world. His last role was ‘Head of IT’ for a large corporate company where he managed numerous teams, multi-million pound projects across a number of different sites around the world. In return he was paid handsomely along with a company car, pension scheme, bonuses, health insurance, etc.

But Andrew always wanted to work for himself.

So 12 years ago, he spent thousands of pounds on his own education and decided to set up his own on-line business. His first product to sell on-line was called ”The Accelerated Management System”. He had over 25 years of management experience and the subject matter was the obvious choice. It was his natural talent and there was a demand.

That was quickly followed with many more online products and a WordPress plugin.

Andrew has also self-published 2 books: “Business Blogging: The A-Z of Successful Business Blogging” and “The Pyjama Tycoon: Be Productive, Fit and Happy Working From Home

As well as product creation, Andrew also supports on-line businesses with their websites, product set-up, sales pages and all the technical things…that they don’t like doing!


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