Are You Looking To Attain A
Corporate Client Base?


Identify Your Niche Product / Service For The Corporate Sector

Learn How To Package Your Offering For The Corporate Sector

Learn The ‘LANGUAGE OF CORPORATE’ So You Immediately Create Rapport

Receive The Techniques To Package And Sell Your Offering To The Corporate Sector

Take Away The Template To Build A Business Proposal To The Corporate Sector

Benefit From Understanding How To Influence Corporate Organisations So They Buy In Your Product / Service

Your Approach To Corporate Clients Has Certainly Opened My Eyes. You’re Top Of Your Game And An Inspiration To Us All.


~ Michele Paradise – Development Consultant

Just Some Of The Corporate Brands
We Have Worked With

The Modules You Will Receive...

You will receive 5 weekly modules which will show you how to develop and sell your offering to the corporate sector.

  • Identifying the sector of the corporate market
  • Developing a niche service offering for the corporate sector
  • The 5 things to include in your offering to the corporate sector
  • How to identify the added value your offering will deliver to the corporate sector
  • Using corporate language to be able to grab the attention of the corporate sector
  • The 3 areas of research to undertake before pitching to the corporate sector
  • How to make contact and reach the decision maker
  • Techniques to get past the gate keeper when making contact
  • How to open up the conversation with the decision maker so you get your foot in the door
  • How to write a compelling business proposal for the corporate sector
  • Actions that will help you influence the decision maker to buy in to your offering
  • How to get key stake holders in the corporate sector on your side
  • The informal and formal actions to take so that you become a business partner to a corporate client
  • How to use ‘Plus 1’ customer service to ensure you maintain a solid reputation and receive additional business
  • The actions to take to help build corporate referrals to increase the number of corporate clients

I have now niched my practice and am seeing major business benefits implementing what you have recommended.


~ Cari Wesby – Confidence Consultant

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Helping You To Build Higher End Clients
and Elevate Your Business Revenue

We at Wise owl have taken this course and have just done our first corporate session and we have 3 more booked. So it is 10/10.


~ Alan Piper, Wise owl Consultants


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