Standing Room Only


Is Filling Events One Of Your Biggest Headaches?

Do You Find The Creative ‘PULL FACTOR’ A Challenge When It Comes To Selling Tickets?

Would You Like To Receive The Creative Tactics We Use To Fill Events?

Here’s What
"Standing Room Only"
Will Do For You...

Benefit #1:

Receive Strategies That Will Help
You To Build Audience For Your
Event And Create The Desire
For People To Buy A
Ticket To Attend It.

Benefit #2:

Receive Tools That Will
Show You How To Creatively
Market And Sell Tickets
For Your Event.

Benefit #3:

Receive Techniques That Will Help You Manage Your Event And Maximise The Commercial Opportunity By Building In Link Selling Opportunities


Case Study 1 - The Royle Event

We commissioned and managed The Royle Event. We set a target to achieve 50 ticket sales. We exceeded this and achieved 91 ticket sales.

Case Study 2 - Law Of Attraction Masterclass

We were asked to support ticket sales for a Law Of Attraction workshop hosted by Laura Shewfelt. All tickets were sold out in less than a week. Laura says:-

‘I am stunned at the creative marketing and sales skill of Steve and Andrew. I commissioned them to sell my first event. It sold out in less than a week!’ L. Shewfelt

Case Study 3 - Hypno Oncology Masterclass

We were commissioned to sell tickets for a Hypno Oncology Masterclass. A target was set to sell 40 tickets and we sold out two months before the event was actually taking place. Our client was thrilled and stunned at how fast we sold the tickets.

‘Amazing’. G. Coles, Hypno Oncology Consultant


Module 1: Audience Building & Creating The Desire For Your Event

In this Module you will receive practical audience building methods specifically for your event and be able to use our proven creative techniques to build a strong desire to attend your event.

  • 3 Ways To Build An Audience Fast Using Social Media And PR Strategies
  • How To Write Copy That Engages An Interest In Your Event
  • Techniques That Motivate A Desire To Attend Your Event

Module 2: Creative Marketing & Sales Techniques For Your Event

Creativity is at the heart of Module 2. Marketing and selling your event is a skill in its own right and it needs a slick creative edge. In this Module we will give you a wide range of creative tools to market and sell tickets to your event.

  • 6 Marketing Techniques To Sell Tickets For Your Event
  • How To Sell Your Event Using A Consultative Sales Approach
  • The language Of Influence In Selling Tickets For Your Event

Module 3: Organisation & Building In Additional Sales Opportunity

The exciting news is that when selling tickets to your event you can build in additional sales opportunity. In Module 3 you will receive our logistics audit to ensure your event runs smoothly, and also a number of recommended upsell, cross sell and down sell opportunities that you can use to make your event a commercial success.

  • The Logistics Audit: Ensuring Your Event Runs Smoothly
  • How To Build In Upsells, Cross Sells and Down Sells Into Your Event
  • Examples That You Can Use For Your Own Event To Make It Profitable


BONUS 1: Receive our Sassy Sales Page Template that you can use immediately to promote your event. A step-by-step course in copywriting!

BONUS 2: Have direct 1-1 access to us during the ‘Standing Room Only’ Programme via our Secret Facebook Group to help you implement the tools you receive.


Standard Price: $1350.00 (Approx. £997.00)

|Today’s Price: $670 (Approx. £497)



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