Want To Sell More Of Your Own Products?

You have completed all your research.

You have created an awesome product.

Your sales page is emotionally brilliant.

But you are just not selling the thousands you were expected to.


Because it’s only you who is selling the product.

If you want to sell many more copies of your awesome product then you need to allow others (known as affiliates) to sell your product for you, in return for a commission.

You can set up your product for affiliates to sell on your behalf by using websites like ClickBank or PayDotCom.

So assuming you have set-up the functionality of allowing affiliates to sell your product, how do you find affiliates?

Well the first thing you do is make sure you have an affiliate link on your sales page.

They are often found at the bottom of the sales page with a link to a separate page.

A few years back I created a product called “How to write Articles for maximum effect”. Along with the product I set up an affiliate process.

Here’s a screen shot of the affiliate page:


What’s the first thing that grabs you on the affiliate page?

The high percentage?

If you want affiliates to sell your products, you do have to offer a high percentage. I would recommend at least 50%.

So if you are selling a product for $20, the affiliate gets $10 and you get $10 (less any fees). Now you might think it’s not worth it but what if that affiliate has a client list of 5000 and 2% buy your product, that’s another $1000 in your pocket for little effort.

And that’s just one affiliate.

As well as offering a high percentage, you want to make it easy for the affiliate to promote your product by supplying text ads, emails they can use to sell to their lists and banners.

So that’s the first thing – have a separate page advertising your product for affiliates.

This way the affiliate has to find you and you will get some who sign up, but not many.

The second approach is to find affiliates yourself.


By contacting them!

Contact your online relationships.

Over time you have created relationships with others in the same niche. Perhaps, they’d be interested in selling your product for a high commission.

As you already have some sort of relationship with them, you can simply contact them, ask if they would be willing to write a review of your product, in return for x% commission and include a link so they can download the product.

Offer them the product for free.

Here’s an example email you could use:

Hi xxx,

Andrew here.

How are things? I hope you are doing well.

I’ve been busy spending the last few months
on a new product, which I am just about to launch.

During the pre-launch, the product is receiving
rave reviews.

I value your input and I would love to have your
feedback on the product.

Here you can download the complete package, tell
me what you think:


By the way the official launch is on ADD DATE and
if you are interested I do have an affiliate program
in place.

Please let me know what you think.


I’ve used this email template a number of times and it works.

Remember this is with my online realtionships, i.e. I already have a relationship with these guys. This is not a “cold” email to someone I don’t know.

So…You want to sell more of your own products?

Then…go and find some affiliates.

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