Pimp Up Your PR

What Alice Said About
Pimp Up Your PR

“I really felt more confident to put actions into place including newspaper articles and I also now have my first book published.

I recommend wholeheartedly Steve’s advice and support to everyone whose looking to build their business.”

Alice Pinion – Sports Mind Coach

The Big Time Benefits Of Increasing Your
Profile Using PR Techniques

Are you looking to elevate your profile using PR but unsure of how to make it happen?

Yes? Then I will show you how because I did it.

What Dan Said About
Pimp Up Your PR

“Using this wealth of information I have been featured widely by local press and the BBC.”
Dan Regan – Anxiety Management Consultant

What Nicola Said About
Pimp Up Your PR

“An excellent programme with solid substance that helps to develop a brand aligned to your ideal client.

Packed full of useful tools to boost your hypnotherapy business including how to write effective press releases, attain a book deal, and increase your personal profile locally and desired nationally.”

Nicola Fox – Clinical Hypnotherapist

What The Pimp Up Your PR Programme Will Bring You...


Comprehensive understanding of how to create PR hooks so that your PR stories get picked up.


The skills to write press releases that hook the interest of journalists.


Techniques to help you capture the interest of radio and television broadcasters.


Skills to manage radio and television interviews so that you also engage the public.


The ‘how to’ build your profile so that you are in a position to host your own TV show.

What Rosalind Said About
Pimp Up Your PR

“I now have my own regular BBC Radio slot, and have been featured widely by my local media.”

Rosalind Smith – Weight Management Expert


You will receive 3 core modules. Each module will contain an E-Guide and an accompanying video that will guide you further. In addition you will receive access to the Hypnotherapist's Inner Circle V.I.P. Mastermind Group. Access to this Group will enable you to gain access to additional support.

Module 1:

Hooking The Interest Of The Media

  • How to develop human interest stories so that your work gets featured by the media
  • The key techniques to build strong and lasting relationships with journalists
  • Unique PR hooks that most don’t even think about and how to use them

Module 2:

Developing Red Hot Press releases

  • The 5 key steps to writing a press release that will capture the interest of journalists
  • How to improve your chances of getting your press release featured
  • Taking one of your local stories and turning it into one that goes national

Module 3:

Managing Media Interviews

  • How to ensure you are fully prepared for media interviews.
  • The 3 key essentials for managing media interviews
  • 10 strategies that will strengthen your position to host your own TV show

What Manjit Said About
Pimp Up Your PR

“Lots of in depth information on what I can do to build PR. I have now started to write a book which is something I had never thought about and I have written press releases.

Manjit Kaur Ruprai – Clinical Hypnotherapist

All Modules Of Your Programme Will Be Delivered Immediately.
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