How To Come Up With Great Ideas For Your Passive Income Product


When do you get your most creative periods?

For some people, creativity seems to be a non-stop flow of innovation and possibilities, whereas for the majority, the quest to innovate can seem like an unending struggle to find new ideas. We are so used to thinking in a certain way, being logical and applying common sense to our business, that when it’s time to sit down and generate a new idea for a product, our minds go blank and we can’t seem to come up with anything new.

In business, our brains are usually required to undertake thought patterns which are based in analysis, rationality, linear processing and knowledge. These are all critical attributes for any savvy business owner, and without these traits your business is likely to flounder as you lose track of revenue, or don’t have the discipline and logic to apply your mind to keeping things running smoothly.

However, it’s a difficult thing to acknowledge, but when it comes to coming up with a strategy for taking your online business to the next level, you actually need to shelve your common sense and linear thought for a while, and let your brain relax in to the creative state.

There’s a common phrase which is perfect for this situation – Do what you have always done, and you will get what you have always got. In other words, in order to achieve a more productive strategy for your business, generate new revenue or step up your services or product offering, you need to think differently.

It’s a myth that some people are unable to think creatively.

Imagine if you were stuck on a desert island, and needed to find a way off?

You’d start out with linear ideas – is there a boat?

Will someone come and rescue me?

Can I swim to the next shore?

Is there a way off this island that I just haven’t found yet?

When you have exhausted all of your logical thought patterns, your mind will begin to explore new, innovative opportunities.

Shall I build a boat?

Shall I make a huge fire to draw attention to myself?

Shall I write a message which is visible from the sky?

Slowly, your brain acknowledges that you need more than a simple, linear solution. It will work for you when you sleep, when you’re daydreaming, when you are thinking of other things, until you come up with a way to get off that island.

It’s The Same With Your Business

When you have done everything required to make it a success, and you have exhausted all possibilities through linear thinking (I have a great website. I do customer marketing well. I outsource those tasks that take up too much time), it’s time to set your brain to coming up with more innovative ways to enhance your offering.

This is when your brain comes in to its own – ask yourself some questions, and let it do the work.

What can I provide for my customers which is new and different?

What is possible, that none of my competitors have done before?

What are my particular skills and abilities that I may turn in to a killer product or indispensable service?

What options are there in terms of the platform I use, what format I choose, new ways of creating?

If you’ve been struggling to come up with a great idea for your passive income product, it could be time to relax in to the creative process and let your brain do what it does best.

Ask yourself some key questions about how you can upscale your business through passive income, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you get your next fantastic idea.

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