Hypnotic Client Attraction

Hypnotic Client Attraction For Hypnotherapists

The Client Attraction Solution That Utilises Powerful

Hypnotic Language And Hypnotic Phenomena

Want to use Hypnotic Language Patterns to help you attract clients?

If so, this is for you.

Would you like to use Hypnotic principles to engage and create desire in prospective clients to book in with you?

If so, this is for you.

Do you want to scale up your ability to acquire new clients?

If so, this is for you.

What Eric Said About
Hypnotic Client Attraction

“I Just Got 3 Inquiries After Publishing Posts Using HCA”
Eric Beaufils, Clinical Hypnotherapistt

What You Will Gain...


Access To Understanding How To Write Highly Influential Marketing Posts Using Hypnotic Language Patterns On Your Social Media Platforms To Help Create Immediate Desire In Readers To Book In With You


Our Carefully Selected Top Hypnotic Email Subject Headlines That Will Help Increase Your Open Rate And Sell Your Services


Immediate Use Of Our Premier Live Feed Protocol That Will Enable You To Create Desire In Your Audience Using Hypnotic Phenomena And Help Attract Clients To Your Door


Benefit From Gaining Access To Our Carefully Constructed Client Consultation Model That Blends Hypnotic Phenomena To Influence Prospective Clients That They Need You And Your Service


‘Power’ words and expressions to help create engagement with your audience and influence them to contact and book in with you


You will receive 5 core modules. Each module will contain an E-Guide and an accompanying MP3 that will guide you further. In addition you will receive access to the Hypnotherapist's Inner Circle V.I.P. Mastermind Group. Access to this Group will enable you to gain access to additional support.

Module 1:

How to write influential social media marketing posts that will get your audience engaged, interested and wanting to know more about what you can do for them.

Module 2:

How to write highly influential emails and using email subject headlines to help ensure that prospective clients book in with you.

Module 3:

How to deliver powerful Social Media Live Feeds using hypnotic language patterns to arouse interest in you, and what you can do for your audience so that they want to enquire more about how you can help them.

Module 4:

How to use the Client Consultation Model that includes hypnotic phenomena to help influence a prospective client to book in with you.

Module 5:

Hypnotic power words and expressions that you can use to engage your audience and attract brand new clients.


Passive Income Factory

You will receive the benefit of knowing how to build separate streams so that you can increase your revenue.

Having ‘been there and done it’ we will show you the critical path to follow so that you can make this happen for your own business.

What They Are Saying About
Steve Miller & Andrew Rondeau

“You’re top of your game and an inspiration to us all”
Michelle Paradise, Clinical Hypnotherapis

“I am seeing major business benefits implementing what you recommended”
Cari Wesby, Clinical Hypnotherapist

“You have both done an awesome job”
Ann Jaloba, Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Steve and Andrew have helped scale up my Hypnotherapy business well and I highly recommend you explore their expertise”
Daniel McDermid, Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Steve and Andrew talk the talk, walk the walk and they deliver”
Garry Coles, Clinical Hypnotherapist

All Modules Of Your Programme Will Be Delivered Immediately.
NOTE: Please note that the V.I.P Group is now incorporated into the new ‘Hypnotherapy Business School’ Facebook group and you may ask questions aligned to the content of this product in that group.

Standard Price: £395.00

Super Early Price: £97.00

Today’s Price: £19


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