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Have you ever watched some of those quizzes they show on daytime TV? You get a quiz master, and a handful of contestants, and they run through a series of questions, bagging cash for the right answers, and competing against each other to get the most questions answered correctly.

The most inspiring quiz contestants tend to be the ones that have a really niche specialism, which most people have very little knowledge about. They sit in confidence, answering question after question on a subject which most of us don’t understand, and they usually get all of the answers correct. These are the people that have a life-long interest in a specialist subject, and spend their time learning about it. Because they love the subject, they often don’t even see the learning process as being hard work, but instead absorb knowledge about it naturally, in their quest to pursue their hobby or interest.

Now, let’s imagine you are sitting in the contestant’s chair, and you have to come up with a specialist subject about which you probably know more than any other person on the planet.

What would you pick?

I bet your brain is kicking back against that idea right now. You’re thinking – I don’t have a specialist subject. You’re wondering if your knowledge of geography or history in a certain field, or your favorite author could be possible subjects.

Let’s look at it a different way.

Imagine if you and twelve contestants were all being quizzed on a certain subject. This time, instead of picking out an academic topic for the questions, the questions are all about you.

So, if the quizmaster asks – “What’s your favorite food?” you would get the answer correct, while twelve other people would most likely get it wrong.

And then, imagine if the quizmaster asked about an element of your life, or your job. You’d nail the answer immediately, leaving twelve other people floundering to guess the correct answer. Because only you are an expert in your life, and your job.

Generate Passive Income…

So, when it comes to thinking of knowledge that you have, which you can leverage to make money, the key is to pick a niche area which only you know. The area that you have insider information about, that you are passionate about, and will be able to talk about with confidence and authority.

If, for example, you are a stay-at-home Mom bringing up a child, you have a wealth of insider information and knowledge that a new parent would gain a huge amount from. You know how to get a baby to sleep, you know about feeding, singing, playing, teaching, discipline, potty training – you name it. You are an absolute Mastermind in your field. Even if there are a thousand other Moms out there with more experience, you are the ONLY ONE with your unique take on the role.

If you do a demanding job, you know that job better than any other person on the planet. You have a unique take on how to do it well, you have life-hacks and insight which will be invaluable to someone entering your profession for the first time.

If you look online, the people who are making money right now are the ones who have realized that they are the single best person to support other people, whether this is through eBooks, training, videos, a blog, membership site, or a product. Because they have realized that only they have the unique information which comes from living their life and pursuing their passions and interests.

None of us are like any other person out there.

If you’re struggling to think of ways to shine online, stop trying to come up with academic subjects, or worry that you need to learn more or achieve more before you can share what you know. You are an expert, and you have everything you need, right now, in yourself, to come up with a killer idea to share your information with others.

Take what you know, and send it out to the World Wide Web, with confidence that your product is unique, and you are an absolute expert in your chosen field. It’s time to realize the wealth of knowledge that you are sitting on right now, just by virtue of the fact that you are you, and you are pretty amazing.

Let us know how you get on via the comments below. We’re looking forward to seeing you shine.

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