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Let’s ask you a question…

Would you like to increase your business income?

That’s pretty much a no brainer, right? Of course the answer is yes. That’s what we all want.

Problem is…most business owners don’t know how to!

But here’s the solution…

Making income via e-Guides is EASY. Write one and sell it. Write another and sell it. Put them together and sell them for even more. Repackage them to push the price up even higher. In days you can have bundles that sell for…

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the 20 Title Templates.  Boy! does that make things easier!

I will go over those time and time again.  More specifically — probably every time.

I title anything, including a post on my website.

– Theresa Martz

£9, £97, £297 And Even £997
Per Order!

You can sell 7-15 page e-Guides for £9.

You can bundle a number of e-Guides together and sell for £97

You can create a membership site using your e-Guides and sell for £297 (or £20 per month).

You could add some personal coaching along with your e-Guides and sell for £997.

Now that’s called earning passive income!

bullet2Announcing… E-Guide Monetisation

This is THE DELUXE, no-holds-barred, tell-all course for writing, selling and bundling 7-15 page eGuides. Everything is included in this 110-page, step-by-step course.

Let’s just share a few highlights of what you’ll learn…

Session 1: How To Choose
A Highly-Profitable Market.


The age-old marketing law that is the basis for earning maximum profit with minimal effort in the information business. (Page 5)


Why you need to go against the grain and focus your time and energy on “broad” markets instead of “niche” topics. (Page 8)


3 simple rules for choosing a red-hot “market” full of eager-beaver, hungry buyers who might buy not one or two, but dozens of your small eGuides! (Page 5)


60 highly-profitable “markets” that are proven to generate revenue in the information business – pick one of these that matches up to your own interests and save yourself time researching – We’ve done it for you! (Page 7)

Session 2: How To Find The Perfect Idea
For A Small eGuide.


The only 2 “criteria” you need to consider in selecting a topic to write about for your small eGuide … you can check these in minutes instead of wasting a lot of time evaluating to find topics of high demand and interest! (Page 11)


7 “idea hangouts” where you can quickly find enough ideas to write your next 10-15 small eGuides! Note: When you know what to look for, you’ll have so many ideas that your toughest choice will be to decide which one to write first! (Page 12)


How to use other people’s costly research to find out what those most likely to buy from you have the greatest interest in… without spending a penny! (Page 13)


Two ways to use “topic x-ray” to focus in on the precise topic for your small eGuide, including a super-sneaky way to ethically “steal” your competitor’s ideas! (Page 14)


A “magnetic” way that should get your customers buying eGuide after eGuide after eGuide from you for as long as you want to continue writing them! (Page 15)


20 fill-in-the-blank ‘title templates’ you can use today to create your next eGuide: You simply cannot go wrong! (Page 20)

Session 3: How To Write P.A.G.E.S.
Of High Demand Content.


3 questions to ask in choosing the title for your small eGuide. Hint: Your title is absolutely critical to the success (or, gulp, the failure) of your project and can literally mean the difference between so-so sales and a best-seller! (Page 19)


Our proprietary P.A.G.E.S. system for brainstorming, outlining and writing your small eGuide – more than teaching you just “what” to write, We’ll show you “how” to write faster, easier and better! (Page 25)


How to quickly and easily brainstorm ideas to write about in your small eGuide including our “alphabetizing” technique for quickly generating dozens of thoughts to share. (Page 26)


2 simple, but effective ways to organize your ideas so they are easy to write (for you) and easy to understand (for your customer). (Page 28)


20 fill-in-the-blank “content templates” you can use to effortlessly write paragraph after paragraph – even if you don’t consider yourself a writer. Hint: These helpful prompts can be worked into any spot of any eGuide.(Page 30)

Session 4: How To Package, Price, and
Position Your Small eGuide.


A crash-course in “packaging” your small eGuide including 7 specific pages to include in your content, along with 8 formatting elements to use in designing your pages. Hint: We share everything from creating headers/footers to using indention and boldface text! (Page 46)


3 proven-profitable ways to make “special offers” (Page 47) and “backend offers” (Page 48) to earn more money after the sale. Note: This is considered mandatory for any information publisher.


The pricing triangle – 3 “rules” to help you choose the price for your small eGuide that makes you the most money … and how you can have direct and personal influence over how much your customers will spend! (Page 54)


How to create a unique sales proposition that makes your small eGuide stick out like ketchup on a white dress shirt! Included are the top two ways to get others scrambling to buy your product now. (Page 57)

Session 5: How To Create A
Small eGuide Mini-Salesletter.


A step-by-step course in copywriting; there’s no need to buy additional high-priced courses (nor hire a pricey copywriter). This complete tutorial walks you through the steps for writing an order-producing salesletter! (Page 64)


11 parts of an order-producing small eGuide mini-salesletter … from top to bottom! Note: The very salesletter you are now reading was written based on the tutorial in this course. Enough said! (Page 65)


5 ways to use preheadlines, 3 keys to your primary headline, 2 ideas for winning postheadlines, 6 ways to introduce your product, 3 ways to prove your results, 3 keys to effective use of bullet lists, 3 rules for creating a call to action, 3 ways to use a postscript and much more! (Page 66+)


How to get your web site visitors to stop “fence-sitting” and place an order with you right now, today! (Page 78)


Dozens of case studies, examples, ideas, tips and fill-in-the-blank templates for writing effective ad copy (Page 64-84)


An actual “fill-in-the-blanks” salesletter template that you can use to create your own professional salesletter super-quick! (page 84)

Session 6: How To Turn Small eGuides Into
A Six-Figure Business


Note: As important and relevant as all of the other information in this course is, this final session (22 jam-packed pages of information!) is the real strategy of developing a huge eGuide Monetisation Factory.


The “six phases” of creating a small eGuide empire – how to go from phase one to phase six in just 12 months. That’s right, it is possible to make over £thousands with small eGuides in a year. (Page 88-109)


The secret of creating a series of small eGuides and 4 ways to automatically cross-promote all of them with zero-budget advertising. Hint: This is how you double, triple, quadruple (and even more) your profit! (Page 89)


How to get to the £thousands extra income 5X faster with phase 3 and the one virtually “fail safe” way to get affiliates promoting your products for you! (Page 92)


3 “Kit Creators” that you can use to develop a small eGuide into premium-priced products that dramatically increase the bottom line of your business. (Pages 97-103)


The ‘goldmine’ of the small eGuides business – phase 6 – how to spiral tiny, 7-15 page eGuides into an ever-growing empire of physical products, live events, coaching programs, membership sites and more. (Page 103)

Normal Price: £147.00

Get Started Now For Just £19

We have created 4 bonuses for you when you purchase eGuide Monetisation that were developed specifically and exclusively for this product. That means they are included to give you added value (they enhance the product!) for your purchase.

When you order today, we’ll include these bonuses…


Bonus 1: The 7-Day Checklist For
Creating A Small eGuide

In this 20-page eGuide, you’ll get a systematic checklist broken down into daily activities for you to complete.

Assignments appear in chronological order, completely cover the entire process of creating a small eGuide from start to finish and refer to specific pages of the main manual and bonuses to provide complete, detailed instructions for completing each assignment.


Bonus 2: 50 Red Hot Ideas For
Your Next Small eGuide

In this 31-page eGuide, you’ll learn 50 different categories for your next small eGuide, along with over 270 different title topics you can modify for your own use in generating ideas.

By mixing and matching from this one-of-a-kind index (you won’t find anything like this available anywhere else for any fee!) you’ll be able to quickly choose red-hot ideas anytime you choose without time-consuming research!


Bonus 3: How To Improve
Your Information W.R.I.T.I.N.G.

In this 18-page eGuide, you’ll be given 7 incredible techniques for writing faster, easier and better!

Included in this invaluable reference (this is *literally* worth more than the cost of the course by itself!) are 9 kinds of “content enhancers,” 50 different idea catalyst templates, dozens of writer prompts and invaluable writing techniques to help you improve both the quantity and quality of your finished product.

With this eGuide you’ll have more ideas to write about and it will be easier to write about those ideas!


Bonus 4: The Beginner’s Guide To
Promoting A Small eGuide

In this 18-page eGuide, you’ll receive a crash-course in getting people to your site to actually buy your small eGuide.

Included in this valuable eGuide is information on promoting your small eGuide both offline and online – with flyers, business cards, door hangers, newspaper ads, forums, pay-per-click advertising, and blog posts.

The ideas, screenshot examples and details provided will quickly get you started promoting and profiting from your small eGuide.

So, one last time, here’s everything that’s included…


Normal Price: £147.00

Today… Just £19

Best regards,

Andrew Rondeau


Steve Miller

P.S. All you need to do is follow the eGuide Monetisation checklist and see the passive income results for yourself.


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