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99% of the people who are trying to make passive income online…DON’T!


It’s time for you to create, develop and market your own online e-Course and sell it globally.

And we will hold your hand every step of the way…never feel alone again!

‘Setting up the monetisation process with Steve and Andrew was a crucial step in my transition from a full time job to financial freedom. I have now made thousands of dollars from it and I highly recommend’.

– Christof Coopman – LOA Hypnotist

This Is Your Opportunity To
Work With Us Direct
Over The Next 7 Weeks
To Make This Come Alive!

There are so many who are frustrated with their online businesses. They feel like they are working far too hard and not getting any results. They SPEND their money (and time) on buying product after product after product…but don’t MAKE any money themselves.

That’s where WE can help YOU…



‘My business is now busier than ever. I am now growing and monetising the business strongly. Thank you so much’.

– Matt Addie – Anxiety Management Consultant

Let Us Share Our Simple Proven System For Creating
Online e-Courses To Sell Globally…

We will teach you exactly what we’re doing right now to grow our online business via e-Courses and making more passive income…working whenever we want to, wherever we want to.

“I am just starting out to build my business and your “e-Course As You Go” was pure gold and I am very thankful for all your support and help along the way. It was so well explained.
I would recommend it to everyone.”

– Christine Philipp, Anxiety Expert

The Best Part Is This: We’ll Teach You How To Do The Same Thing With Your Online Business, No Matter What Your Niche Is

Did You Read The Above Box?

That’s right… no matter what your niche is.

You’ll be working with us online over 7 weeks and you will receive
7 modules that will deliver:-

1. Weekly online videos, and e-Guides.

2. Support guides to help you create, market and sell your own online e-course.

3. Examples to help you along as we move through the 7 weeks.

4. Techy guidance to help you manage the geeky bits as we go.


But don’t be concerned…we like to keep things really simple!

Come and ask questions in the private FaceBook Group you get access to, after your purchase.

“This course is delivered in bite size chunks making it straightforward and digestible. The support is fantastic and Andrew and Steve give you positive constructive critique and advice along the way. This has been a superb commercial investment for my business.”

– Bobby Jon Hook, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Your 7 Week Programme

Week 1: The ‘F’ Plan - Foundations

  • Why most online businesses get the first step in e-Course creation WRONG…and what you should be doing instead. An astonishing easy and effective tactic (well-used by smart online businesses owners…but unknown and totally ignored by 90+% of others)
  • Ignite a tremendously powerful ‘buying’ process to make your customers want your e-Course…NOW! This is so powerful, it makes selling your e-Course even easier
  • Understand the one shocking thing that’s stopping you making passive income…your blind-spot will be removed, your dreams will be reality and suddenly your passive income grows (if that’s what you want, of course!)

Week 2: Let’s Start Building Audience

  • The glaringly obvious tips (so why don’t people use them!) you must use when you decide the platform of your e-Course and ensure your buyers are enlightened, delighted and smiling (rather than confused, disgruntled and asking for a refund!)
  • Gain an unfair advantage by discovering "Tease Marketing Techniques” that 90% of online businesses fail to deploy. (Finally get the sales you deserve).
  • The “lazy online business owners launch plan” ensuring your e-Course is delivered on time

Week 3: Dynamic Design And Content Of Your E-Course

  • What is the most important part of your e-Course? And no it is not the price or niche. The answer may surprise you (perhaps even shock you)…then use it and wow your buyers!
  • So you have your e-Course topic agreed. You also have the chosen platform. What is the very next thing you MUST do? No excuses…you MUST use this. You will be astonished with it’s simplicity.
  • Create your e-Course faster than you ever have before - with our unique "5 Steps For Outlining Your e-Course" process...even if you don't know where to start.

Week 4: Exceptional E-Course Presenting Skills

  • Demolish your fear of “presenting powerfully through video” …feel calm, relaxed and confident (never feel stressed, sweaty, shaky or anxious ever again)
  • Must have audio tips. Simply follow this no-risk advice and boost your audio skills…they will just get better and better.

Week 5: Building Your Sassy Sales Page

  • A step-by-step course in copywriting; there’s no need to buy additional high-priced courses (nor hire a pricey copywriter). This complete tutorial walks you through the steps for writing an order-producing salesletter!
  • How to get your website visitors to stop “fence-sitting” and place an order with you right now, today!
  • An actual “fill-in-the-blanks” salesletter template that you can use to create your own professional salesletter super-quick!

Week 6: Technology Made Simple

  • A 5-step “Technical Checklist” broken down into bite-sized action steps!
  • The 2 pages you must include in your sales process…miss one out and your buyers will be confused, frustrated and they may never buy from you again
  • Order processing and email follow up…made easy. Getting this right gets you even more sales!

Week 7: BS Free Marketing & Selling

  • It’s time for the actual launch! What to do and more importantly what NOT to do to make it a success!
  • The only business owners making money with email and social media marketing today are the ones who are using the right tools and strategies…are YOU? We share with you what works!
  • The method that adds more passive income on every sale…and you have to do nothing!




We are going to extend the support we give you from 7 weeks to 12 months via the private FaceBook Group.


Because we both agree that as we work through the key content of the programme you may need more time to make it happen.

Our mission is to pride ourselves on the extra customer service we offer our clients.

“This programme delivers what it stays. I was looking to scale up my business and this is what I needed. I am now gaining traction when it comes to building passive income. A must for anyone looking to do the same”

– Daniel McDermid Smoking Cessation Expert


Why Us?

We have both been making a full-time living online for the past 10 years.

Everything you can do to make money online…between us we’ve done it…eGuides, memberships, video products, audio products, software, mentoring/coaching, teleseminars…

About Steve Miller


Steve Miller  set up his practice  in 2002 and has been successful in helping thousands of people. He continues to be featured by the national newspapers including Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Daily Record, The Sun, Daily Mirror as well as a wide range of high street consumer magazines such as GQ, Zest, Closer, Cosmopolitan and Grazia.

About Andrew Rondeau

Andrew Rondeau started his online business in 2006 and has created numerous online products including published books, eGuide courses, membership courses, online software.
Alongside the product creation and passive income, Andrew supports on-line businesses with their websites, product set-up and all the technical things…that they don’t like doing!


‘I had several excuses as to why my business is not currently flying high. Steve quickly pushed these excuses to one side and came up with several actionable steps to move the business forward. If you get the chance to work with Steve it may be the best decision you’ve made. He has given me ideas that were not even on my radar! Great session, great man – thanks again Steve.

– Tom Gale – Coach & Hypnotherapist

 So…what’s it worth to you to get YOUR e-Couse created and selling globally?

Act now and get this 7 week ‘hand holding’ training for just $325

Today’s Fee: $325

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To Your Success,

Steve and Andrew

P.S. You can finally reach your income goals, and we’re going to make it happen together. So order now to get the lowest price possibleand get started immediately.

“If you are thinking of developing an E-Course and would like to have the kind of start to finish support and guidance that Steve Miller and Andrew Rondeau provide, then look no further.”

– The English Sisters, Best Selling Authors, Celebrity Hypnotherapists, Luxury Vintage Lighting


Is this for me?

Whether you are a beginner who wants to create their first e-Course, an intermediate making some e-Course sales, or an experienced thriving online business … you aren’t where you’d like to be…right?

These 7 weekly modules will take you to the next step.

Will it really work for any niche?

It will work for any profitable niche. If your niche is “knitting while covered in snow”, there really isn’t anything that can help you!

The programme is designed for those who want to sell their own digital products such as ebooks, membership sites, coaching programs, webinars, videos, audios, etc.

How much passive income will I make?

We have no idea. You may not make any money at all. We make no guarantees. What we will tell you is this: we’ll take all of the guesswork out of what works to create and sell your own e-Course. How effectively you do it, or if you do it at all, is completely up to you.

Can I order on another day?

Of course but when you come back the price may have changed from what you see today. That’s the chance you take.

When does the course start?

The first module of the course will be sent to you immediately via your email address.

What Other Tools / Software Is Required To Create My e-Course?

In order to create, develop and sell your own e-Course you will need a registered domain name and active website. We do not cover any form of website building on the course.

As well as an active website, we also recommend building your own customer list via a free giveaway and an email service provider like Aweber. As we write this, Aweber costs from $19 per month.

Although our other ‘monetise your talent’ courses are not required to create, develop and sell your own e-Course, during the course we will recommend some of them for you to increase your passive income even more. For instance, the next step after having your own e-course for sale could be a membership course. These extra course purchases are optional.

Act now and get this 7 week ‘hand holding’ training for just $325

Today’s Fee: $325

([currency amount=”325″ from=”USD” to=”GBP”])

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  • Purchasers agree not to forward the product onto any third party.
  • You will need access to a PC or Mac, and iTunes to listen to any audios on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You have a cooling off period of 14 days from the initial payment to change your mind.
  • Clients may be removed from the programme at any time. In such instances a pro rata refund will be issued.
  • Your statutory rights are protected in all transactions.